Li Yu did not care about anything, picked up the blanket on the ground and stuffed it into the man's arms, and ran away. On the way back, the system's genetic comparison report came out. 001 has the same genes as humans. Li Yu, "I don't believe in intuition, and I can feel from Delson's attitude towards 001 that he is by no means an ordinary human." 1551, "But my data tells me he is." Li Yu said as he ran, "Any one is the world, and what the eyes see is not necessarily true." 1551 cannot be refuted. At the other end, 001, who was discussed by two people, was still in place. The blanket in his arms was soft and warm, with a faint smell, similar to that of a young man. Curious, he lowered his head and sniffed. Then, as if embarrassed, he quickly looked up, folded the blanket neatly, held it in his arms, and returned to the tree. Quick and powerful, the man climbed up the treetops in twos and threes, watching a dark figure weave through the trees,foldable bulk container, through the garden, and into the white building. Li Yu ran all the way to the dormitory and was caught by the patrol. 1551, "I said if you run slowly, you won't be able to stop." Li Yu, "who knew it would be so unlucky that this man would suddenly turn around." It was not an ordinary patrol officer who caught him, but the captain of the patrol. He was wearing a black uniform, holding an electric baton, and very impolitely pointed a flashlight at the young man's face. Which dormitory? Why don't you stay in the room? The captain's tone was ferocious, like interrogating the prisoner. "Where did you go without sleeping in the middle of the night?"? When did you leave the dormitory? Li Yu blocked the light with his hand,plastic pallet manufacturer, his face was not red and his heart was not beating. He made up a lie. "I couldn't sleep, so I walked in the garden downstairs." Anxious, he grabbed the system and asked, "Where is Qian Song? Did he find out that I was not there?" 1551. "Nothing yet. He's in the bathroom." Li Yu was anxious to become an ant on the hot pot, but the patrol captain on the opposite side did not believe his words and took out the walkie-talkie to inform his colleagues in the monitoring room to call for monitoring. Holding back his anxiety, Li Yu ordered, "1551." 1551 tacitly understood what he meant, "leave it to me, don't worry." Li Yu felt a little relieved and began to count seconds in his heart. When he reached sixty, the voice came from the palm-sized walkie-talkie. Report to the captain that there was indeed a young man sitting in the garden between 1:25 and 2:08. Captain, "What did he do?" Opposite, "first I walked in the garden, then I sat on the bench in a daze, and then I seemed to fall asleep.." Unexpectedly, the captain closed the intercom and stared bigger than the cow. "There will be a curfew after midnight in the accommodation area. No one is allowed to go out. Didn't you know that before?" "I don't know." Li Yu looked honest. "No one told me." Qian Song and others did not say this to the original owner, drum spill containment ,wholesale plastic pallet, it is estimated that they forgot, and the dormitory did not post the relevant notice. The captain was about to curse when he heard the young man say, "Brother, I've just been here for half a month, and I'm not very familiar with the rules and regulations. I promise I'll study hard when I go back and never do it again." The requirements for entering the Institute are very strict, and there are few new recruits. Hearing that he was new, the captain immediately remembered, "Are you from Laboratory 003?" Li Yu nodded and said, "Brother, can I go back to my room?" 003 laboratory can be a baby pimple, the captain naturally will not be embarrassed, waved, motioned to the young people to hurry away. Li Yu said thank you with a smile and continued to go upstairs. After a few steps, he heard the walkie-talkie of the patrol captain ring again. The voice from inside trembled, as if in extreme fear. Captain, I, I heard a sound, tinkling.. With the other side's trembling voice, Li Yu's heart also followed up, swaying between returning and not returning to the dormitory. Li Yu, "did Qian Song find out?" 1551 said not yet, it paused, the tone relaxed, "he has returned to bed, did not find you are not in bed." The voice of fear in the walkie-talkie was really curious, and since there was no need to worry about the other end of the dormitory, Li Yu decisively chased the patrol captain in the direction of his departure. The captain went all the way down to the second floor.
The patrol member who had reported the situation before was holding the walkie-talkie, standing in the corner at the end of the corridor, two battles, and his face was unusually pale by the flashlight. The captain had a bad temper, approached and slapped each other on the shoulder. Even though he knew that the sound insulation effect of the dormitory door and wall was extraordinary, he still restrained his voice and said, "What does it look like to shrink?!" The team clenched the flashlight. "Captain, I, I really heard it." The captain glared at him and listened attentively with cold eyebrows and eyes. The night was quiet, and there was nothing but the sound of breathing beside him. He frowned and was about to curse when suddenly his whole body shook. There was a real sound, tinkling, like someone hitting the wall with a hammer. Someone is working in the middle of the night? A clear voice sounded faintly. The captain was so frightened that he took out his gun and turned around. "Who?" Li Yu slanted his head immediately and was not attacked by the muzzle of the gun. He raised his hand and showed his white teeth. "Brother, it's me." The captain's tight back suddenly collapsed, but the toughness in his mouth did not decrease. "What are you doing here? Why don't you go back to the dormitory?" Li Yu's face is honest and innocent. "I just heard the voice in your walkie-talkie. I'm afraid of an accident, so I'll come and have a look." Hearing this, the captain's tense nerves were completely relaxed. He nodded his fingers on the young man's shoulders and laughed, "Little brother, do you have any misunderstanding about yourself? If something really happens, what can you do with your little body?" Li Yu is very confident, "it will work." The captain waved his hand, "OK, hurry back to the dormitory." Li Yu's ears directly filtered out this sentence, lifted his feet and walked forward, the sound of tinkling continued. He moved forward step by step,mobile garbage bin, and finally stopped at a wall and put his ear to it. After listening for a few seconds, Li Yu pointed to the wall and said, "The sound came from inside." 。

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